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Privacy Policy

This document is our privacy policy as well as our general terms and conditions of use for all services and products from The Shop Store and it’s associated trading entities. We reserve the right to update this document regularly with all major changes being notified to users by email.

  1. Policy and Terms Coverage, Definitions and Applicable Parties
    This document of terms, conditions and policies covers directions for use and handling of information by The Shop Store and the user (you). By utilising services from us and using the website(s), you therefore agree to our terms and conditions of use. The Shop Store will also be referred to as, we, us, or our in this document.
  2. Privacy and Sharing of Information
    We collect personal information when you sign up or enquire about our services. Your personal information is not passed on to 3rd parties unless the user (you) is notified beforehand in writing. Personal information is used by The Shop Store for billing and supply of service. Exclusions to this include the use of cookies on our websites and work carried out by contractors – see below for further details. We are not in the business of selling personal information, or do we condone the action of others selling personal information or the use of it on hosted website packages. If you feel we have breached this condition, please do not hesitate to contact or message us via Facebook Messenger.
  3. Contractors and 3rd parties.
    Occasionally The Shop Store employs business specialists to assist with specific services. In these cases, your personal information will be passed on as needed for services to continue. We are not liable for the control of this information when passed on to the third party. Please refer to the contractors privacy policy for full details. The Shop Store will limit the information passed on to contractors and will try our best to ensure contractors are reputable and trustworthy with a similar privacy policy to safeguard your information.
  4. Cookies
    Our websites utilise cookies for web analytics and advertising purposes. Cookies are a text-based file that is placed on your computer to help website analytics and marketing apps determine how you use the sites and where you have visited. It will collect your IP address as well as other identifying items for location purposes. Our web analytics are managed by Google and our display advertising partners include Google, AdRoll and Perfect Audience. The information from these cookies will be transferred to Google’s servers in the United States for the purpose of analysing and reporting, as well as to AdRoll’s and Perfect Audience’s servers for analysing and retargeting advertising on other websites. These companies may pass this information on to third parties when required by law. Refer to their privacy policies and use of cookies for full details. The information collected may include IP address, geo-location, page visits and page actions. These cookies collect information on website activity and it is used to target advertising on other sites based on your activity. To learn more about targeted advertising, visit you do not want cookies used on your computer, please adjust your settings on your web browser accordingly.
  5. Billing of Services
    Should you sign up for a service or buy a product from The Shop Store, we will require your information for billing including current and backup email addresses, contact phone number and location. We do not collect credit card information or store payment details such as account numbers and personal identifying information such as your financial institutions, etc. We utilise the services of Shopify Payments, Stripe and Paypal for majority of our services. Refer to, and for further information about their services. Online transactions through PayPal, Shopify and Stripe are over secure payment gateways. All cash transactions must only be made in person and never sent or passed on by a third party unless written consent is given beforehand. Our accounts are not auto-renewing to keep the package payments flexible. Payment terms are stated on invoices and must be adhered to otherwise legal action will be taken to recover the costs.
  6. Age Restrictions
    The Shop Store offers products and services online and offline. All products and services are only available to persons over the age of 16. We do allow services to be purchased by persons over this age limit and then used by persons under the age limit at discretion of the buyer (you). By using services provided by us, you confirm that you are of legal age as required by us. If we determine at any time this is not the case, we reserve the right to terminate any services provided by us and contracts as well as telling your parents!
  7. Changes to this policy.
    We reserve the right to update this policy without notification. All major changes that affect the user will be passed on by email to the user (you). Please check the policy regularly to ensure you know your rights and ours, as well as before purchasing any service from us.
  8. Content Ownership and Conduct
    The Shop Store does not claim ownership of the content the user (you) has on our created websites, social pages, or hosted sites. The user (you) is responsible for all content and the nature and security risk of it. As the internet is difficult to control in regards to sharing of information, the user (you) is responsible for the content posted including personally indemnifying information such as photos and quotes. We agree to host your content as long as your subscription is active and that you abide by the following guidelines. Failure to do so will result in written warnings followed by site termination by us.
  9. All information, data, text, photos, software, apps, music, sound, photographs, images, graphics, video, messages, posts, goods, products, services or other materials you post onto your website via our services are the sole responsibility of the user (you). Please ensure you have the right to publish the content before doing so.
    b. You will not post or share, or make available any content that can be considered as unlawful, harmful, abusive or threatening.
    c. You will not post politically abusive, racial, sexist or discriminatory information.
    d. You will not impersonate another person or entity or misrepresent who you are.
    e. You will not upload, post or transmit information that can be considered spam or unsolicited commercial advertising.
    f. You will not harm minors in any way including posts revealing personal information or images.
    g. Services from us will not be used to stalk or harass other people or entities. Use of our Ethical Hacking services is purely for data recovery and password retrieval on hardware/software that you own and control.
    h. You cannot use our websites or services to sell illegal items or substances. Doing so will lead to your personal information being passed on to legal agencies.
    I. You may not extend the services we provide without authorisation or written consent and agreed payment.
    j. Any information or use in a harmful nature towards us or others will lead in termination of your site or service from us, and may lead to legal action dependant on the nature of the harm.
    k. You agree by using our services to indemnify and hold The Shop Store and its affiliates, agents, managers, partners and employees harmless from any claim or demand made by any third parties that may arise due the nature of your websites or pages content, use of our service or violation of rights of another. We will not be responsible for damages brought about by misuse of our services and products.
    l. You may not resell, duplicate, or exploit our services in any way or means.
    m. We reserve the right to add more clauses over time, as well as administer specific clauses to the use of our services per customer basis if required.
  10. Spam.
    We will not carry out spam mail-outs or contact, and your email address given for purpose of billing and administration of services will not be used for marketing purposes. We hate getting spam as much as you do, so we don’t make a habit of making your life or online experiences miserable due to spam content. You can opt out of mailing lists if they bother you.
  11. International Use.
    As our services are available globally, users (you) must adhere to local and country rules and laws when using our services as well as ours. Our services are based in Australia with partner companies spread across the globe. Your information or service may come from a country apart from Australia when required or if closer to your location for speed and performance purposes. If you are unsure about where your service is coming from, please contact
  12. Currency.
    As The Shop Store is registered and trades in Australia, we state all prices in Australian Dollars (AUD) and inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). Please be aware of this when ordering services and products from us. For further information, please contact before ordering or purchasing products or services.
  13. Violations.
    Any abuse or violations of our terms and conditions of services, harm to us or others, or actions illegal by law will not be taken lightly and legal action will be taken when required. If you feel something or someone has abused our services or product by misuse or misconduct, please report it immediately to
  14. Affiliation.
    Some products endorsed by founders David Walter and Brydie Kiem, and The Shop Store on our websites and social media pages are from affiliates and we may receive commission from sales of the product. Please keep this in mind when following external links, but we promise that we only endorse or recommend products that we trust and believe are great value. If you need to know more about this, please contact us.
  15. Locality.
    The Shop Store is registered and based in New South Wales Australia. When we refer to local customers, we are referring to Newcastle, the Hunter Valley area including Maitland, Singleton and Muswellbrook, as well as Port Stephens. We offer our services globally and our site is reachable anywhere there is internet access. As we deal with social media and websites predominantly, our customers do not need to be based in Australia, although currency and time differences should be noticed.

For specific changes or updates pertaining to the service or use of product supplied by The Shop Store, please contact us using the contact form on this website or by emailing stating product or service and the information you require.

This document was last modified on the 30th October, 2018.

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