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You know when you search on Google or Bing search, or through your phone with Siri, Cortana or Google Now, do you ever take notice of the results? What makes a smaller company trump a bigger brand? Why does a business further away show up higher than one closer to you? What is referral traffic?

It's all part of search engine optimisation and getting your brand found online “organically”.

SEO has two parts – on site and off site.

This means firstly making sure your website is represented correctly to search engine bots. Secondly, we need to get external traffic via referrals, press releases, guest blogs and citations. What does all this do?

This helps get your brand showing up higher in search results, ideally on page 1, somewhere up near the top. (because that is where people look!)  The beauty of organic traffic is it usually attracts people looking for you, without you pushing a sales pitch like an ad might do.

SEO is commonly understated by a lot of 'professionals' in the marketing game, but we can guarantee you it is one of the most important things you can use to maximise your online presence long term.

Start getting found on Google with one of our SEO packs below, or get in touch with us for a custom solution. These packages are primarily 'off-site' SEO strategies.

Looking for on-site search optimisation?

Contact our team directly to discuss a FREE audit of your website to see how it looks to search engines, with a strategy to improve your rankings.

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