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A Better Way to Discount Products

If you are lucky enough to have a niche product, minimal competition or remarkable brand loyalty, you may not have to do this, but for many, competing on price is inevitable.

But before you go slashing prices and discounting all your best sellers, think about what you can get out of the sale.

You may be losing profits, but if you make your discounts available only AFTER an action is taken, you can benefit in other ways.

For example, before a customer or visitor to your store can access the discount or special offer, you may require them to do one of the following;

➡️ Sign up for a newsletter
➡️ Buy another full price item
➡️ Refer a friend
➡️ Like your social media profiles
➡️ Fill out a survey
➡️ Tag your brand on social media
➡️ Enter a competition for a major prize
and the list goes on....

So before you go slashing prices on your Shopify store, think about what you can gain if not profits.

To set a sale price on Shopify, fill out the compare price field with the original price, and the price field with the new discounted price.

You can also create coupon codes to use at checkout and distribute via emails, etc by clicking on the discounts tab in your dashboard and creating the conditions of the discount.

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